Faraoland Lucia Out Of Africa

Basenji Veteran of the Year 2005
Basenji Bitch of the Year 2nd 2005
Basenji Veteran of the Year 2007
Basenji Bitch of the Year 2nd 2007
Basenji Veteran of the Year 2008

Lucia's album

Born: 18-12-1997
Owner: Helena Strömbert

Lucia - Queen of light!

Lucia is the divine quite little star in my basenji pack. She has a dignity that fits the queen she is. Lucia is the "dream come thrue" when I got the possibility to take her dad Multi Ch SV-95 Hot Stuff out of Africa to Sweden to breed my homebred INT Ch Faraoland Nile Wild Bambuti. Lucia became exactally the bitch I hoped for of the breeding and she has never disapointed me in any way. She was actually ment for the basenji breeder and judge Dorothy Key, kennel Keezown.

Unfortunately Dorothy was hit by cancer and did not manage to get her little gleaming star Lucia. Because of this Lucia never competed in puppy class, like her famous brother Luxor. Lucia was in home quarantine, waiting for her journey to England. Even as an adult Lucia's show career was not the priority for me. But she was attending shows as a companion to her so successful brother, and what a companion she was! She won much and she won BIG. Every judge was enchanted of her outer beauty and sweet inner side. Lucia has at every dog show been absolute easy and has given everything for you at a natural and pleasent and sometimes a little superior way.

Now Lucia is a veteran and enjoys family life with resting on the coach or forest walks but full of ombigation as she always is. She is still showing herself with grand style. Her winning list is long and we just tell you the titles she has captured. Still I want to mention her four times BIS Veteran at SKK all breed shows in 2007-08. Lucia is not just a beautiful ambassador for our breed but also a very worthy one!

Hips: excellent
Eyes: normal, minor PPM
Thyroid: normal

Ch Hot Stuff Out Of Africa Ch Serengeti Cool Jazz Of Woz Ch Music City Serengeti Jazzman
Ch Serengeti Scarlet Sage
Ch Akuaba Dances To Terrarust Ch Kazor's Cruise Of Astarte
Ch Akuaba Candu The Jitterbug
Ch Faraoland Nile Wild Bambuti Ch Azania's Ilario Ch Azenda Ekos
Ch Shantari's Azania
Ch Bokoto Nile Black Tango Ch Bokoto Nile Tattoo
Bokoto Nile Red Imp


Litter 1 "T-litter" born 2001 at Faraoland
Father: Ringmaster Out Of Africa
Ch Faraoland Tambourine Man R/W
Ch Faraoland Thunderflash BRI
Faraoland Temper Temper R/W
Faraoland Trademark to Terrarust R/W
Faraoland Tango Jalousi BRI
Ch Faraoland Toyou At Zordia R/W
Faraoland Tilly Trotter BRI
Litter 2 "V-litter" born 2003 at Faraoland
Father: Ch Mandela Free Out Of Africa
Ch Faraoland Viking Of Venture B/W
Ch Faraoland Vicory And Freedom B/W
Faraoland Vagabond The Voyager B/W
Faraoland Vive La France B/W
Faraoland Vamp For Vogue B/W
Faraoland Voice Of The Voodoo B/W
Litter 3 "X-litter" born 2004 at Faraoland
Father: Ch Mutabaruga Desmond Dekker
Ch Faraoland Xcellent Example R/W
Ch Faraoland Xcuse Me Desmond R/W
Faraoland Xmas Excitment R/W
Ch Faraoland Xtreme Exotica R/W
Ch Faraoland Xtravaganza R/W
Faraoland Xperience To SunTribe R/W
Faraoland Xclusive Fantasy R/W