Faraoland Viking Of Venture

Basenji Puppy of the Year 2004
Basenji of the Year 2005
Basenji Male of the Year 2nd 2006
Basenji Stud Dog of the Year 2007
Basenji Stud Dog of the Year 2008
Basenji Stud Dog of the Year 2009

Viking's album

Born: 24-11-2003
Owners: Helena Strömbert & Patrik Cederlöf


Viking, my black jewel. Viking rushes through life in turbo engine speed. Viking is a very positive and happy dog. He is a very easygoing basenji and he really enjoys life. He is adventurous and brave. He is also very inventive so life is never dull together with him. Viking is born here and he still lives here, but he is owned by Patrik Cederlöf, kennel Zican. Viking is the teenager who never left home.

He has been shown pretty sparingly because he had an accident very young and damaged his left eye. He got expert treatment in Poland but we did not succeed to save his eye. Now he therefore is blind and one-eyed. Yet this does not prevent him more than in the showring where beauty is a must. At home he has the same speed and love of life. Nevertheless Viking competed a lot in puppy class and was BIS-puppy at the kennelclub all breed shows three times and he was also BIS puppy at the basenji specialty 2004. His show career as an adult was fantastic until his accident. Viking is a multiple group winner and was BIS adult at the basenji specialty 2005 where he also won best movement in show.

Hips: excellent
Eye: normal, PPM
Fanconi-test: probably clear

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Litter 1 "Viking-kullen" born 2005 at Faraoland
Mother: Ch Hazhart Star Surf
Faraoland Viking Gulle B/W
Faraoland Viking Raidho B/W
Ch Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma B/W
Ch Faraoland Viking Idun R/W
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Faraoland Viking Embla B/W
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Mother: Ch Vicita's Do It Again
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Vicita's Jamila Black Juvel B/W
Vicita's Jendayi Black And White B/W
Vicita's Jungle Drums R/W
Ch Vicita's Just Matter of Time R/W
Litter 3 born 2006 at Enigma
Mother: Ch Unique Creation Out Of Africa
Ch Enigma The Magician R/W
Ch Enigma Touch Of Magic R/W
Enigma Hocus Pocus R/W
Enigma Spellbound B/W
Enigma Black Magic B/W
Litter 4 born 2007 at Chagma
Mother: Chagmas First Love
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Ch Chagmas Pirate King Black Pearl B/W
Ch Chagmas Pirate Princess Red Ruby R/W
Chagmas Pirate Queen Calypso R/W
Litter 5 born 2008 - at Vicita
Mother: Ch Vicita's Go For It
Vicita's Magic Treasure B/W
Vicita's Marco Black Diamond B/W
Vicita's Match Point R/W
Vicita's Midnight News B/W
Vicita's Moving On R/W
Vicita's Mystic Shadow Of Giza B/W
Litter 6 born 2008 at Elegantelephant
Mother: Ch Faraoland Umbra Complete
Elegant Elephant Splendid Sid B/W
Elegant Elephant Happiness Mod R/W
Elegant Elephant Justice Ping B/W
Elegant Elephant Innocent Pete R/W
Elegant Elephant Liberty Pop B/W
Elegant Elephant Enjoy Jack R/W
Elegant Elephant Good Luck Lucas R/W
Litter 7 born 2009 at Zahleka
Mother: Ch Kazor's Niambi
Zahleka Kazor Drama Queen R/W
Zahleka Kazor Endless Drama B/W
Zahleka Kazor Drama Production R/W
Zahleka Kazor Diva Loves Drama R/W