ps - friends reinterpretations of unreleased 332 variations volume 3

Release notes

ps returns to Mirakelmusik with a little remix ep. The base of these tracks are a series of Jeskola Buzz songs made by ps in 2006. These were then sent to friends around the globe to be remixed. These remixes were split into different ep's and what we have here is the dark ambient part of those mixes. Here, the originals have been reinterpreted by Nosfe from Finland and Rngmnn from Germany. Nosfe's version is a very minimalistic track, featuring distant machine-like drones and noises. Rngmann's take is louder, noisier, less machines and more caves.

Contact information

Email: filipe_cruz( AT )


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  1. Nosfe - 332i_060211remixv2
  2. rngmnn - cereza negra

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