Aeterna Anima - Where Is The End Of Voidism?

Release notes

From Russia comes Aeterna Anima, which is latin and means eternal soul. Aeternia Anima is an one-man project which aim is to show the importance of traditions through the music. Previously Aeterna has released two demos and been featured on an compilation. The music on "Where is The End of Voidism?" is quite straight forward dark ambient, with some nice twists. Along with the drones, bells and samples there's alot of vocals, sometimes spoken sometimes whispered. The repetative structures of the songs gives them a nice ritual sound.

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Email: ananta-shesha( AT )


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  1. Reburn Fire
  2. Lake of Silence
  3. Maya's Lullaby
  4. Downstairs
  5. End of Void

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