Alexandr Vatagin - Valeot

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Alexandr Vatagin has been playing bass for about three years. He started playing in his band Tupolev and later on joined und morgen, der asphalt both have released excellent ep's on 12rec. But now it's time for Alexandrs solo works. It all started when he began to play cello and made some solo songs for fun. The songs became more serious and the first recordings he made were "aventurin" and "rats and mistakes". The sound is very different from his bands, the poppy/folky vibes are almost absent and instead there is a very mellow sound. Because Alexander has moslty been working with acoustic instruments the songs have a very organic feel. But he has not been completely alone on the album, his friends in Tupolev helped out and played on some of the less ambient tracks. Throug-out the whole album Alexandr works with drones and noises, but on top of it all he adds simple but beautiful piano melodies, bass lines and cello. Valeot is an excellent album and to be honest one of my favourites so far on mirakelmusik.

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Email: flexiblealex( AT )


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  1. active/passive
  2. feed_wrong
  3. adventurin
  4. valeot
  5. inconnu
  6. lay your head where my heart used to be
  7. rats and mistakes (feedback)
  8. i see a dark place in your heart
  9. wire

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