Maurizio Bianchi - Mokushi XVI, XVI

Release notes

"Mokushi" is the japanese translation of "apocalypse", and all the dictionaries give to it the meaning of "great catastrophe, total disaster, weighty calamity". Simply this is a common place, a clichÚ which we must demolish. In reality the root of the word "apocalypse" comes from the greek "apokÓlypsis", which means "discovery, revealment", and on it we don't find simply a fatalistic message of world's destruction, but a discovery, a revealment of divine truths, the plain truths. It's true that Apocalypse 16,16 ("Mokushi XVI, XVI") is mentioning Armageddon, but will be something very different from a total annihilation of every shape of life on earth. On the contrary, we've the happy assurance that only the wickeds, the arrogants, the oppressors, the unthankfuls, the disloyals, the selfish persons, the God's opposers will be totally destroyed by the angelic armies. "Mokushi XVI, XVI" will become the imminent and impending event that will change the human history forever!

Many thanks to David v.R., Sandro K., N. Kasahara and S. Kraus for their trustworthy help.

Linear notes by Maurizio Bianchi, artwork by e.s..

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Email: maubia55( AT )


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  1. To Break Nations
  2. Survive Great Tribulation
  3. Last Seven Plagues
  4. Har-Magedon (Mokushi)
  5. Lamb Wars
  6. Babylon Revealed
  7. River of Water of Life

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