d'incise - déambulations sur nervures

Release notes

D'incise is a project from Geneva, he's a member of the collective audioactivity and has been creating music sinc 2002. He works with several different sides of electronic music, from electronica to electro-acoustic influenced by dub music and abstract hiphop.

déambulations sur nervures is a broad experience featuring metallic textures and melancolic atmospheres. While the ep features glitches and other typical digital sounds it is still far from glitch music and clicks and cuts stuff. Instead of focusing on the noise/glitches, d'incise works with moods and creating the right feelings and atmosphere.

Contact information

Email: youthman( AT )


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  1. des aulnes
  2. quelques mésanventures
  3. le pays du consensus
  4. Milada-Praha

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