ps - music for sketching ghosts in the dark

Release notes

ps aka Filipe Cruz is most likely a well know name in the netlabel scene. Besides being the main guy behind enoughrecords he also makes music and is a member of the demoscene. Previously he has released several eps and albums on enoughrecords and other netlabels, he is also part of xE Phalanx. Just recently he releseased together with Ubeboet/m__ an excellent collaborative ep as Dotkrąz on Entity.

Now Filipe brings us threee minimalistic yet quite textured tracks. He mixes digital noise with dark ambient into what becomes very glitchy music for sketching ghosts in the dark.

Contact information

Email: filipe_cruz( AT )


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  1. Like butterflies dancing withouth wings
  2. She simply doesnt care anymore
  3. Harnessing low voltage under an ivory iron curtain

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