Jari Pitkänen - Conv Exp

Release notes

From our last release, we're now heading east to Finland where Jari Pitkänen lives. Previously Jari has released two great eps on enougrecords and now he's back with another fine half hour of ambient drones, along with some great artwork by Jari himself.

On Conv Exp Jari works with subtle drones and voices. These sounds are built by stretching out short samples like pianos and vocals and manipulating them into slowly shifting drones that morph into new shapes and sounds. Sounds that's almost as mystical and cryptic as their names.

Contact information

Email: jari.pitkanen( AT )


Download single tracks:

  1. Un
  2. Tl
  3. Sv
  4. Va
  5. Ev
  6. Ls
  7. Rv
  8. Ks

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