Bluedark - Explorations far below

Release notes

For the tenth Mirakelmusik release we're back in Sweden with the debut ep of Bluedark aka Erik Glans. However Bluedark is no newbie, he has been making music for ten years and has had music play in movies, on the radio and online. Currently he is working on the soundtrack for a new online game called Mistlands.

Explorations far below is an ambient journey which takes you down beneath the surface and into the depths of the oceans. For almost thirty minutes Bluedark gives us dark ambient with whispered vocals and sparse samples mixed together with the dense textures and deep drones.

Contact information

Email: erik.glans( AT )


Download single tracks:

  1. Fragment of things beyond the waking world
  2. The old ship under the ground
  3. Tree propeller
  4. Hidden words

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