Martin Callanan - 041209 Audio

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This is somewhat of a departure for artist Martin Callanan who normally works in installations involving the visitor as part of the work. This is Martin's first EP; consisting 4 tracks of pleasing ambient noise. Sound of places unnameable in out present time, the past or even the future unless everything goes completely wrong in a way only these four tracks can imagine over 19 minutes.

041209-03: "The more I learn about how a landscape is made and transformed the more I recognize that the earth is now a human artefact."

041209-05: "No man therefore can conceive anything, but he must conceive it in some place."

041209-07: "The land is important to me but even more important is the idea that it becomes a place because someone has been there."

041209-09: "If we all manage, throughout the entire network, to be punctual to the second, we will have endowed humanity with the most effective instrument for building a new world."

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  1. 041209-03
  2. 041209-05
  3. 041209-07
  4. 041209-09

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