Mendigo - Tetauro

Release notes

Renzo Peressi comes from Venezuela and has been making music since 1996. He has released music under different names such as Ojoruido, Abluonihil, Mendigo, Krotos aswell as his own name. He has works featured on Corewatch, Comatronic, Mahorka and Microbio. He's somewhat of a netlabel veteran. This time he released under the name Mendigo.

Tetauro which ranges over an 70 minutes consists of 9 lengthy ambient tracks, featuring drones ranging from deep to ethereal and back. There is basicly no beats in these tracks just drones, almost vocal texture, strings along with other ambient elements.

Thanks to gerz for the artwork.

Contact information

Email: renzoperessi( AT )


Download single tracks:

  1. Tetauro A
  2. Tetauro B
  3. Tetauro C
  4. Tetauro D
  5. Tetauro E
  6. Tetauro F
  7. Tetauro G
  8. Tetauro H
  9. Tetauro I

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