Idle Sunder - The Frozen Shard

Release notes

Once again I'm very proud to present the debut release by a new dark ambient collective. Idle Sunder was founded in 2004 and consists of 4 members and The Frozen Shard is their first release.

The six tracks on this EP share a dark and moody feeling. Musicwise the release uses deep drones along with field recorings to create a dense ambient ep that never stands still, it constantly evolves and changes into new sounds.

Once you've downloaded these tracks you know what to do, send a mail to Idle Sunder and tell them what you think! It wont take a lot of time and it's really appreciated.

Contact information

Email: idlesunder( AT )


Download single tracks:

  1. Chark
  2. Cinder
  3. Crepuscule
  4. Sighelsem
  5. The Frozen Shard
  6. Anonymous Analyst

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