Atomtrakt - Verwüstung

Release notes

Atomtrakt is a German dark ambient act and Verwüstung is his first release. This ep was first released as a limited MCD of 500 copies but I've gotten the chance on releasing it here. Although this ep according to Atomtrakt himself should be considered a demo, both the quality and the music is topnotch. The project was founded early in 2003 and is a side project to Vinterriket.

The four tracks on this ep is mostly percussion based with atmospheric keyboards and background samples. The keyboards is very beautifully arranged and goes well with the bombastic drums and the distorded spoken word.

Please enjoy this release as much as I did, and afterwards perhaps and check out Atomtrakts 7inch single?

Contact information

Email: atomtrakt( AT )


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  1. Ödland
  2. Kalte Relikte des Verfalls
  3. K.a.i.E.
  4. Flammenmeer

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