Danny Kreutzfeldt - Noiseworks 1

Release notes

I'm for the fifth time very proud to present a new Mirakelmusik release. This time it's none other than the Danish laptop artist Danny Kreutzfeldt who brings us the music. You might know him from his great releases on Thinner, Autoplate and Databloem etc. or perhaps his live appearances.

If you've heard some of Dannys other releases you're probably used to rather soft sounds, Noiseworks 1 shows us a harder and more noisy side of him, which has only been publicly shown live or as soundinstallations throughout Denmark before. Noiseworks 1 is made of five different musical experiments, the sound varies from a harsh and thick walls of noise to softer more delicately constructed almost stringlike noise.

If you believe that a lot of important noise were lost in the encoding of these mp3s you're lucky. This album is also availiable as a limited cdr of 50 numbered copies.
The price is 6 euro/45 dkr/55 skr, with european postage included in the price. Purchase here. You can also get it from Organic Pipeline.

Contact information

Email: kreutzfeldt( AT )


Download single tracks:

  1. Kanter og støj / Edges and noise (Variation 2)
  2. Lyset indeni / The light within
  3. Knuste strømme / Shattered currents
  4. Ret tyndt / Rather Thin
  5. Underflade / Underplane

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