Sticking Drops - Sustain ep

Release notes

Sticking Drops is an Italian duo consisting off Lorenzo Tomio and Nicola Lucchese, they have made live appearances in Italy but this is their first release. The duo were born in 2003 mixing two different ideas of electronic music.

The tracks on Sustain have been made with a electric guitar and of course a laptop. The guitar is used to create dark background sounds in a nice ambient way. The laptop adds some sweet glitches and noises that completes the songs. This ep may take a few listen to fully enjoy (or you might just love it right away), so I suggest you do that. Now. Don't forget to send Sticking Drops a little email of appreciation.

Contact information

Email: stickingdrops( AT )


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  1. iris
  2. ibiscus
  3. water on the glass

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