Ubeboet - Uninhabited EP

Release notes

I can now present Ubeboets first release, somewhat of a presentation of the project. Ubeboet is a sideproject of m__ who have previously released on netlabels such as Enough and Entity. This time he brings you a 15 minute electroacoustic track based entirely upon field recordings. When creating the track Ubeboet worked with the idea of silence and isolationism, uninhabited spaces.

The sound is cold and a bit metallic, and it might take a few listens to fully enjoy the piece. The song is made up of scraping sounds, metallic noises, low-frequent drones. Maybe a song of old forgotten factories, alone and untouched for years?

Preferrably listened to with headphones at high volume. And don't forget to send an email to Ubeboet and tell him what you think.

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Email: ubeboet( AT )


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  1. Uninhabited

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