Mortesium - Dream state

Release notes

I'm very proud to present Mortesium as Mirakelmusik's first ever release. Mortesium is a swedish ambient project, formed in 2002 by Ronny Jacobsson. Right now he's working on his first album but had time to release this little single first.
This is probably not the most experimental music you'll ever hear, quite far from it actually but it's not what it's meant to be, Mortesium's is Ronnys vision of ambient, the way he thinks it should be; the sound is dark, but still relaxing and meditative with layers of strings, textures and samples. The music isn't really meant for listening as you do with regular music, more background music, to relax, maybe while reading a book. Simply a great way to just escape if you want to.

So please, download the tracks, plug in your headphones, turn off the lights, light some candles and enjoy at high volume!

These days Mortesium is known as Einheit

Contact information

Email: mortesium( AT )


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  1. Dream state
  2. The Sleeper awakens
  3. Silent and Serene (Bonus)

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