Mirakelmusik is a netlabel which will release mainly non-conventional music, like ambient, some electronica, glitch, noise. We use a creative commons license for our releases.

Do you create music? Please send me an email with either direct links to mp3's or link to a page where I can download the mp3's. Please do not send attached mp3's. I really want the mp3's to be downloadable so please dont send me links to your myspace or other streamable files (emails with only a link to myspace will be deleted). If you don't have any place to put your files, don't worry, I got a ftp you can use. If you'd rather send a demo-cd just contact me and I'll get back with an adress. I will check your music out, and if I like it and consider it fitting I'll release it. Altough be warned, I do this on my spare time, sometimes it will take a while before I answer, sometimes I don't answer. If I don't release your music, well fuck me. What the hell do I know? Keep doing your thing and try some other netlabel.
Our releases are hosted by The Internet Archive and Sonicsquirrel.

Email:info AT mirakelmusik DOT se.

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